13.10 – briefing of human rights activists with acting Chairman of the Higher Administrative Court: the procedure of freedom of assembly limitation has been liberalized

Press briefing on the topic: «Judges and human rights defenders have achieved a significant liberalization of the procedure for limiting peaceful protests in Ukraine in the new procedural codes» will take place on Friday, 13 October 2017, at 13:00 at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center (Kyiv, Khreschatyk St., 2, Ukrainian House).

Briefing participants:
Mykhailo Smokovych – acting Head of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine
Mykhailo Kameniev – Executive Director of the NGO «Human Rights Initiative»
Bogdan Chumak – Board Member of the NGO «Human Rights Initiative»

After the adoption of new procedural codes, the public and politicians are still debating how to get rid of scandalous norms. Nevertheless, in the document adopted by the Parliament, there were certain progressive norms as well. The fundamental changes regarding the procedure of freedom of assembly limitation.
On December 30, 2016, at the request of the NGO «Human Rights Initiative», the Head of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine issued an order No. 1431 «On the Establishment of a Working Group on the Draft Law «On Amendments to the Code of Administrative Justice of Ukraine» regarding the freedom of peaceful assembly». The result of the working group’s activity was the draft law on amendments to the CAJ Ukraine, which was approved by the Plenum of the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine. Subsequently, most of the norms of this bill were incorporated into the body of the presidential draft of the new editions of the procedural codes (Bill No. 6232).

During the 12 years of the Code’s existence, the provisions on the procedure for freedom of assembly limitation not changed. Now there will be a significant breakthrough in this area, in the part of ensuring the citizens’ rights and freedoms. The novelties include the introduction of an effective appeal; increase in the transparency of litigation regarding restrictions on the freedom of peaceful assembly; the obligatory participation in the court hearing for the plaintiff; a significant increase in the list of criteria that should be subject to a judicial decision to restrict freedom of assembly.

The new regulation can claim the status of the most progressive and the most liberal, not only in Europe but also, perhaps, all over the world.

Press briefing participants will tell more about the unexpected victories against the backdrop of an ambiguous situation with the adoption of procedural codes.

For more information, please contact Mykhailo Kameniev at tel. +380 67 404-26-46, kameniev@gmail.com

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