LOGO“No to police state!” – is a human rights coalition of such Ukrainian organizations as Kharkiv Regional NGO “Youth Human Rights Group – Kharkiv”, NGO “Human Rights Initiative”, NGO “Ternopil Human Rights Group”, All-Ukrainian youth NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives”, Kharkiv Regional Foundation “Public Alternative”, NGO “Agency of Development of Civil Society”.

“No to police state!” was partly born from the active parts of an old All-Ukrainian Initiative “For Peaceful Protest!”

Now “No to police state!” have an ability to work in 39 cities of Ukraine, mostly thanks to the branches of All-Ukrainian youth NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives”.


We are the Ukrainian non-governmental non-political civic organizations and groups,

aware of our responsibility to the country and society,

in terms of military and informational aggression which is been making by the Russian Federation, that infringes on the Ukrainian independent state and democratic and human values,

looking back at the notorious examples of contemporary history of the transformation of the former Soviet Union most authoritarian and totalitarian states where police structures perform repressive functions,

are committed to defend the human rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens to protect the values of the Revolution of Dignity and prevent the transformation of Ukraine into the authoritarian police state.

For that, we consider it is necessary to carry out:

– influence on reform creation and control over the activities of the executive and the judicial brunches of government, prosecutors and Ukrainian secret services, state military and paramilitary Ukrainian NGO in accordance with the rule of law;

– progressive development and lobbying laws, amendments to existing laws and regulation acts, as well as blocking legislative initiatives and  draft laws that extend the powers of the military and police structures encroaching on the human rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens;

– development nationwide network by lawyers and experts of human rights defender for rapid response and assistance in cases of illegal restrictions on the human rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens of state enforcement or other structures, including illegal groups;

– warning expanding the functions of military and security forces and the militarization of law enforcement agencies;

– educational and informational activities aimed at protecting the human rights and freedoms of police lawlessness and legal nihilism.

WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY DONE (firstly as an unnamed coalition of experts and than as “No to police state!”) in 2014 – 2017

Over the last three years after the Revolution of Dignity the actions of our experts or groups including them contain the following:

– recertification former police officers; human rights training of candidates for patrol police; conducted  interviews with candidates for patrol police; monitor the activities of law enforcement agencies and promote the quality of police reform;

– monitor the selection of heads of local prosecutor;

– monitor the resonance litigations;

– publicly react to cases of abuse of police and courts powers, exceeding police powers, police inaction, as well as we react to the critical moments of legislative reforms;

– helped to prevent the legalization of vague interpretations of the term “accomplice of terrorists”; prevent the legalization of the exclusive rights of soldiers, policemen and paramilitary groups arbitrarily define such “accomplices” and to use weapon against them;

– persuaded lawmakers not to impose criminal liability for incitement to  rebellion addressed to law enforcement, military and border guards, governmental and law enforcement of security agents;

– persuaded lawmakers not to give local state administration law without courts to prohibit peaceful assembly in the present and future in all areas of counter-terrorism  operations; persuaded not to impose administrative and criminal penalties for violation of such restrictions;

– prevented the increase in the maximum time of an administrative detention holding of 3 to 24 hours, prevented the legislative abolition of the presumption of innocence in any administrative cases;

– achieved legitimize what countdown National Police detention is now counted from the moment of detention; national police obligation to explain its actions, including the content of regulations under which these actions are performed (unless there is a need to use physical force, special means or firearms on offenders); prevented the legalization of police report direct leadership and relevant bodies of the preliminary investigations of torture of colleagues or intend to do so;

– helped to stop  the adoption of a government bill №2567 “On the maintenance services and service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine”, which provides parallel with the existing network of centers of administrative services creating service centers MIA with a number of new paid services;

– prevented the adoption pernicious bill №2890 “On the municipal guard”, which proposes to legalize alternative local law enforcement authorities with too broad powers. Namely – in local councils or the regional center cities of regional importance the majority of deputies would be able control significance “Municipal guard” and facilitate the implementation regulations of the local council, to demand the implementation of these acts of people and detain them for public calls in any form to the failure of orders or requirements “guards”. The bill also proposed to “guard” the right to engage in including anonymous persons without identification marks for “carrying out preventive and other measures” to protect public order;

– the draft amendments to Section II “Human rights” of the Constitution of Ukraine Presidential Constitutional commission made mostly safe to Article freedom of assembly and association, more progressive editorial article on the right to strike; achieved rejection editorial article with a clear constitutional basis for legislative increasing detention time “to prevent the commission of terrorist acts” without a court order of detection;

– helped to stop the adoption of a bill, which could make people stateless for some crimes;

– based on developments of the initiative group of experts constituent assembly coalition “No – police state!” was developed №3587-1 bill “On guarantees freedom of assembly in Ukraine”. Even though our experts and developers oppose regulation of freedom of assembly in modern Ukraine by a special law, but can be considered a model 3587-1 project special laws almost all democracies of the world the rule of law.

Before the Revolution of Dignity our experts also organithed round tables with judges and militsiya on peaceful assembly topic.